Pig Dice

Simple game for 2 players (split screen)
Written on Vanilla Javascript
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Pig Dice Game

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Pig dice game (greedy pig) rules

Each turn the player rolls two dice. If the player gets 1 on any of the dice he earns nothing and another player gets his turn. On getting 2-6 on the dice, player's sum is being added to his round score, until he decides to stash his current score. If the player stashed his score, the other player gets his turn.

If a player gets 6 on any dice twice in a row, the player loses all the points from his current and overall scores.
The player who got 100 (or more) points wins the game.

Develop your strategy
You can stash after a few throws. Or when accumulated particular number of points.
Control your greed
Develop you feeling of chanse. Play fast and risky or slowly but smart.

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